Get Your Free and Personal Beauty Bag !

“At the end of your workshop you will receive your unique beauty bag based on skin tone, texture preference and more ! You’ll get the attention you deserve from the brands and products worth +150€ !”

Now that you’re fully informed on how your social media channel works and know how to create the perfect picture, it’s time to put everything you learned into practice ! Not only will you enjoy free premium products from our partners, you will also be able to show your skills to the brands and put yourself in the spotlight. If you are very talented you might even feature on the brand’s PR Influencer list for future brand collaborations !

After booking your workshop, you will receive an email to fill in all your preferences ! Want to focus on lipstick rather than foundation ? We got you covered ! We will prepare the beauty bag based on your preferences and selection of product !

If you and your followers are unique, why should the products you receive be any different ? Oh and you’ll also be able to receive amazing deals and discounts from our partners if you subscribe to our newsletter !

Want to get your free and personalized beauty bag ?
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