Create Your Media Kit

“Your Media Kit is basically your Social Media resume showcasing your in-depth results on various platforms to brands that can ignite paid collaborations”

Traditionally a media kit is used by brands or publishers. For brands, a media kit (or often called a press kit) is a succinct little package to tell the media what they’re all about. For publishers, it’s a way to give potential advertisers a look at their publication, advertising rates, and ad specs.

For bloggers, a media kit is like a cross between the two. Think of a blogger media kit like a resume: it’s your way to highlight your blog, your audience, your accomplishments, and your offerings to a potential advertiser or partner.

The most important thing about your media kit is to BE RELEVANT to brands by telling them what’s in it for them. Meaning, WHY should they partner with you? What do you bring to the table? You showcase that in various ways throughout your media kit.

Ready to start your Media Kit?
So now that you know WHAT one is, why do you need one?

A media kit shows you’re serious about your blog. And looking serious, polished, and professional can lead to better brand partnerships which means more money for you! Not to mention more exciting work!

You don’t need to sit around twiddling your thumbs waiting to give someone your media kit. Try these proactive approaches to getting your media kit in the hands of potential advertisers or partners:

  • Respond to brands who reach out to you: Bloggers often get pitches from brands via email, so send them back a reply and attach your media kit. Brands don’t always ask for a media kit first, but wowza what a first impression to send them something polished and professional!
  • Pitch brands via email: Send a short pitch to someone you want to work with and introduce them to your blog with your media kit. While you want to keep the email short, be sure to say something more than just “see my media kit.”
  • Invite brands to request one: On your PR/Advertising page, encourage brands to contact you and request a media kit.
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